Everything has a place…

14 Oct

Normally, I am not a very organized person.  I try so hard, but I just get busy and things quickly become disorganized.  However, having Elizabeth has taught me that I time is so very precious and if things are organized and everything is in its place, then jobs go by much faster and I have more time for fun things!  After I made Elizabeth’s baby food, I opened the freezer to find this (well, I already cleaned off the top shelf when I took the photo, so imagine that it’s really full also! 🙂 ):

Ahh!  There is no room for anything!  Well, actually there is.  I have a small chest freezer in the garage that hardly has anything in it.  Since Elizabeth was napping, I decided to organize everything (inside freezer, outside freezer, and fridge.)  I meant to take before pictures of everything, but I forgot, I was too busy organizing!! 🙂

Here is the freezer/fridge after:

Here is the outside freezer:

See how much room there is!  I only got rid of just a few things, most everything is still in the freezer though.  Everything is just stacked in nice piles and organized.

Now, I can easily see what food I have and what dinner possibilities we have!  Having this organized feels so great!  What is something you’ve organized lately?



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