Potato Flake Pork Tenderloin

11 Mar

A couple of weeks ago, I made Potato Flake Chicken.  John and I both loved it.  Since then several people (KT, April, probably some other people I’m forgetting….) have also made this recipe.  The blog-less KT (:D) and I were talking about what else this coating would be good on.  We both decided someone should try it on a pork tenderloin.

Oh my goodness, this is soooo good!  John and I both think it’s better on the tenderloin then on the chicken.

pork tenderloin

I used the same recipe as with the Potato Flake Chicken, but I upped the spices, I don’t really know how much I used, I just kept pouring it in until I could see the spices in the potato flake mixture (I hope that makes sense.)

I also served this with steamed broccoli topped with cheddar cheese and squash.  This is my favorite squash recipe.  My mom and grandma used to cook this recipe all the time, so I always think of them when I cook it.

Squash Recipe
(Now, this is an exact recipe, so make sure you carefully measure each ingredient 😉 )
Some squash
Some cornmeal (I have some cornbread mix that I use)
Some sugar (just a couple spoonfuls)

Slice the squash into about 1/8 inch rounds.Mix the cornmeal and sugar together. Dredge each piece of squash in the mixture and put them into a skillet. Cook the squash on medium heat. (I used 3 squash and it took about 15-20 minutes to cook.) Be sure to stir the squash every few minutes so the bottom doesn’t burn. Serve immediately.


2 Responses to “Potato Flake Pork Tenderloin”

  1. KT March 11, 2008 at 9:00 AM #

    I live my blog life through you

  2. CB March 11, 2008 at 12:03 PM #

    Mmmm… pork tenderloin+potato! You know thats gotta taste good. I definitely wanna try this! 🙂

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