Christmas Houses!

11 Dec

When John and I first started decorating, I began collecting Department 56 – North Pole Village Christmas houses.  Almost everyone on his dad’s side of the family collects these houses.  I always enjoyed looking at the villages and Joe and Patti’s house, so I thought I needed to collect them also. 🙂

There are going to be a bunch of pictures in this post, so if you don’t like pictures, just don’t read it. 🙂

Normally, we put the houses on the mantle and above the tv.  But this year the nativity is on the mantle and we got a new tv stand that does not have room on top for houses so we had to be a little creative.  In the “dining room” there are two built in corner cabinents on either side.  John and I started thinking last night, I bet we can fit a few houses on those shelves.  Much to our suprise, we fit them all!  Those selves are bigger than we though.

Okay, so this is a bad picture of the cabinets, but you get the idea.

Full View

Here is Santa’s Workshop.  This was the first house made for the series.  Santa and Mrs. Claus are waving and checking his list out front. To the left there are 2 little elf sledders on their way to visit Santa.

Santa's Workshop

These are numbers 2 and 3 in the series.  This is the Elf Bunkhouse and Reindeer Barn.  If you look closely you’ll see two elves training a couple of the reindeer.

Training School

Here is the Real Plastic Snow Factory.  The Department 56 brand snow is called, Real Plastic Snow, so it only makes sense to have a factory where it’s manufactured.  There are a couple more sledders off to the left.

Real Plastic Snow Factory

These are some of the first houses in the series also: Candy Cane and Peppermint Shop and Gift Wrap and Ribbons.  There are some elves hard at work painting some candy canes out front.

Candy Shop and Gift Wrap

Here is the Twinkly Brite Glitter Factory and Elsie’s Gingerbread.  The Gingerbread house has a chimney that smokes, but since we can’t hook any of the houses up to electricity, the chimney had to stay in the box. 😦  There are several elves walking around with baked goods and a couple elves off to the left dipping some ornaments into glitter.

Glitter Factory and Gingerbread

I like to get houses that mean stuff to mean.  When John and I first started dating we always met at teh coffee shop to hang out.  So when I saw Caribou Coffee Shop, I had to get it. It even has a “real” Caribou waiting outside. The other house is the Chapel.  Joe and Patti got it for us last year. 

Caribou Coffee and Chapel

One of the pieces I have always admired is the Peppermint Skating Party.  Lucky for me, Mrs. Weaver gave it to me a couple years ago.

Pepperming Skating Party

Last, but certainly not least, is the Sleigh and Eight Tiny Reindeers.  They are hitched up and ready for Christmas Eve.

Santa's Sleigh

 I’ve had so much fun typing up this blog and remembering all the stories behind the houses, so I hope you have had a fun time reading it.


2 Responses to “Christmas Houses!”

  1. Rhonda December 11, 2007 at 6:05 PM #

    your houses look perfect in those cabinets – great idea!

  2. the Old Lady Next Door December 17, 2007 at 11:18 AM #

    They look so wonderful!!! How fun! I agree with your mom ‘perfect’!

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