Ice Storm 2007

10 Dec

This weekend we didn’t get out of the house very much.  We have officially had our first Ice Storm of the Winter.  All the news channels are calling it Ice Storm 2007, so I think I will borrow that. 🙂

This Ice Storm is different from the years passed.  This year I had my husband at my house all day long with me. (We weren’t married last year, so he would just come over for a little while in the previous bad weather storms).  We decided to build a fire to save a little bit of money by not running the heater.  Here is the beautiful fire.


I love fires and cold weather; it reminds me just how close Christmas is. 🙂  Zerbie didn’t really know what to think about the fire.  She was very interested in it though.

Zerbie Sitting


“What?  Why are you taking pictures of me?”



One Response to “Ice Storm 2007”

  1. the Old Lady Next Door December 17, 2007 at 11:19 AM #

    I love the pictures of Zerbie! She is so cute looking at the fire…

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