Christmas Ornaments

27 Nov

I love Christmas ornaments, almost as much as I love Christmas itself. 🙂  I love the story and memories behind each ornament so I’ll share with you a few of my favorites.

Joe and Patti gave us this ornament last Christmas.  We were over decorating their tree and Patti said I should hang this ornament up (it was still wrapped in tissue paper so I couldn’t see what it was).  When I opened it I was so suprised, I love it! 

Engagement Ornament

This ornament was a wedding present.  It’s the annual Lenox ornament personalized with our names and wedding date. 

Wedding Ornament

One can never have too many wedding ornaments.  We went to DisneyWorld for our Honeymoon, so we had to buy a Mickey and Minnie ornament while we were there.  They personalized it so gorgeous!

Disney Wedding Ornament

John made this ornament for me last year for Christmas.  It has John, Zerbie and I all portrayed as snowmen. 🙂

 Snowman Ornament

 These were party favors from one of our wedding showers.  (I got all of the leftovers. 🙂 )


 John’s Grandma Weaver went through some of her ornaments and gave us some.  She said since we were just starting out, we needed some old ornaments. 

This is one of Mrs. Weaver’s favorites, the man in the moon, kissing a little boy goodnight.

Man in the Moon

 Mrs. Weaver remembered watching a man blow this ornament outside the BX one Christmas.  It also reminds us of the year we all went to Top Sail Island when John and I first started dating.

Conch Ornament

 This nativity is also from Mrs. Weaver.  I love all nativities, I think this one is exceptionally pretty.

 Nativity Ornament

 Since John has also done stuff with football, I have to have a couple of football ornaments for him.  This one makes me laugh, it’s a round football.

Rond football

 Football Trophy

 A couple more from DisneyWorld….




2 Responses to “Christmas Ornaments”

  1. the Old Lady Next Door November 27, 2007 at 2:18 PM #

    I love your ornaments! They are so you….ok, I can’t say the football bear is you – that’s all John!

  2. Katy November 28, 2007 at 8:46 AM #

    How fun! I bet your tree is GORGEOUS 🙂

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